Artistic Murals
Artistic Murals is an Australian company founded in 2005.

Renata our painter was born and raised in Hungary where she  received an excellent grounding in her original chosen field of porcelain painting. Renata was always intrigued by art and its different forms, applications and visual interpretations. After arriving to Australia, she began to concentrate on projects of a larger scale by painting murals in private residences; aswell as commercial buildings. This allowed for a greater and broader diversity of work opportunities, which led to successful challenges on different levels.

Our murals are usually painted directly onto different wall surfaces; which include:
On most of our murals we use water based acrylic paints in a low sheen gradation.

Artistic Murals also branches out to create faux finishes, detailing and restoration works on paintings, statues or other objects d'art or personal belongings.

Restoration Work
 Faux Finishes